What is waqar?
waqar components
educational platform
An educational system for Quran, Hadith and Muton

It is an electronic platform that contains an electronic system and applications on smart devices that enable organizations specialized in teaching the Noble Qur’an, the Prophet’s Hadith and scientific texts to manage teachers and students and fully supervise the educational process

educational platform
contains a set of ingredients
  • electronic system
  • Applications on smart devices
  • Statistical Reporting System
benefit from it
Organizations that teach the Holy Quran

And his sciences and Quranic complexes

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contents waqar


Managing and following up student and teacher admission requests

Statistical reports

A set of reports that serve the management of the organization

decision makers

A page for a set of daily statistical reports

control and quality

Follow-up and quality of work and performance of episodes


The database of all students and teachers affiliated with the organization

Create loops

Creating rings and distributions to mosques and mosques


Follow-up of transportation and transportation of students and teachers

Rating and attendance

Evaluation of student retention, attendance, and dismissal

Student Counseling

Follow up the student's behavior in the episode


Special statistics for children and reports

plans and levels

Create plans for keeping and monitoring for students
They said about dignity

Waqar's clients' impressions of the system

We do not think that we can describe the distinguished experience of Furqan Association with Insyab for Information Systems and Technology, or give a proper thanks for their efforts, support and quick response around the clock, the high reliability of the services provided, the speed of response to solve urgent problems and the necessary updates, and many more.
Department of Distance Education at Furqan Association for the memorization of the Qur’an - Women’s Section -

clients waqar

common questions

What is waqar?
It is an educational platform that enables Quranic organizations and complexes to manage their episodes electronically and organize the educational mission to be in an advanced and high quality manner.
Who are the beneficiaries?
All organizations and associations that are interested in learning the Noble Qur’an, scientific texts and Qur’anic complexes, whether in in-person or remote sessions.
What is the mechanism for subscribing to the platform?
Subscription to the platform is done by communicating on the e-mail, requesting subscription to the platform and paying the annual subscription.
How much is the subscription fee?
The subscription value is 14 riyals per month per episode, and the subscription value is not calculated on the number of students and teachers.
What is the service provided upon subscription?
An electronic platform is provided with a special link for the organization bearing its logo, a platform for reports and an electronic application for subscribers with a number of more than 50 episodes, and maintenance service and technical support are provided.
Is it possible to add additional services that I want to the platform?
Additional services can be added to the platform after being approved by the company’s management and calculating the value of the cost on them, or the company bears their value.
Does the platform provide instant updates?
Yes, the company provides periodic updates on an ongoing basis and provides them to its customers without any financial compensation during the subscription period, and there are some optional services that the customer can activate.
How can a charitable organization benefit from the system?
It does this by adding its own seminars, assigning teachers and students to the seminars, following up the attendance and evaluation process, the quality of the educational process, and managing educational tasks.
Are the educational plans fixed or is it possible to create a special educational plan?
There are fixed plans created by specialists, and the organization can create the educational plans you want in an unlimited number and they are added in the platform.
What are the requirements that are required to work by the teacher?
Managing the educational process in its cycle of preparing and evaluating students and nominating them for tests that are prepared by the educational administration and following up on reports.
Is there an account for the guardian to enter and benefit from the system?
Yes, the guardian can register and follow up on attendance and evaluation reports for his children.
What services does the system provide to students?
The student registers in the system and joins the circles according to the circles established by the educational administration.
Is there an electronic broadcasting service?
There is an electronic broadcast service provided with subscription to subscribers with a number of episodes of more than 50 episodes, and the teacher can add a link to one of the external electronic broadcasting platforms to be entered by the student through the platform.
Is the account private to me or does more than one association participate in it?
A special link is created for the entity with its logo on it, and it is the one who fully manages its information, management of episodes and educational management on the platform throughout the subscription period.
Can the number of episodes be increased at any time?
Yes, the number of episodes can be increased at any time. The subscription value is calculated on new episodes.
Is the number of students and teachers registered in the system counted in the subscription value?
No financial value is calculated on the number of students, teachers and users registered in the system. It is only required that the number of students in one session does not exceed 20 students.