about the system
System components
accounting system
dedicated accounting system for associations

An accounting system for managing the financial transactions of the entity and linking them with expenses and purchases

accounting system
contains a set of ingredients
  • electronic system
benefit from it
Government agencies, commercial companies of all sizes, and non-profit organizations
basic system accounting

financial tree

General ledger


Receipt and exchange bonds

tax reports

Financial Statements

Analytical book of income and expenses

accounting reports

Billing Management

clients system

common questions

What is the financial management system?
It is an electronic system within odoo services, which is based on managing the financial transactions of the entity and linking them with expenses and purchases
Who are the beneficiaries?
All governmental, commercial and non-profit organizations
What is the subscription mechanism in the system?
Subscription to the system is done by communicating on the e-mail and requesting subscription to the system and paying the annual subscription fee
How to calculate the subscription value?
The value of the subscription annually is calculated on the number of beneficiaries of the system, and a special value can be made for entities with large numbers so that the number of registrants is open and at a fixed value
What is the service provided upon subscription?
A link to the electronic system is provided according to a special link for the entity and managed by the joint entity, and maintenance service and technical support are provided
Is it possible to add additional services that I want to the system?
Additional services can be added after being approved by the company's management and calculating the cost value on them
Does the system accept the possibility of adding other departments such as human resources and administrative communications?
The system accepts the possibility of adding more than one diversified account, whether administrative or project management and others without any modification in the system only. The cost value of the new account is calculated and the value of the number of users in case there is an increase
Is the data private to me or share it with more than one other party?
A special link is created for the customer, and she is the one who fully manages her information throughout the subscription period
Can the number of users be increased at any time?
Yes, the number of users can be increased at any time